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BlueStreak.com Launches On-The-Fly Ad System

BlueStreak.com has launched its Java-based On-The-Fly system that enables real-time creation, management and manipulation of the company's E*Banner ads.

E*Banners are BlueStreak.com's rich media advertising format that combines interactive advertising with on-the-spot transactions.

On-The-Fly features a Web-based graphical user interface that allows advertisers and merchants to create, access and change E*Banner advertising campaigns from a browser at any time, with little or no intervention from programmers or IT staff, the company said.

On-The-Fly also allows agencies to monitor the effectiveness of their ads in real-time and make alterations throughout a live campaign.

"Using On-The-Fly, in conjunction with our E*Banner technology, BlueStreak.com provides customers with the missing ingredients necessary to turn online advertisements from static sources of information into transactive marketing and e-commerce solutions," said Annette Tonti, president of BlueStreak.com.

The On-The-Fly system comprises WYSIWYG authoring tool On-The-Fly Designer; On-The-Fly Manager, which allows agencies to test, edit and preview an ad before it goes live, as well as throughout the duration of the campaign, and On-The-Fly Reports, which provides data for each ad and campaign for each site or a collection of sites over time.