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BizProLink Launches Campaign at "Business 2.0''

BizProLink, a B-to-B e-commerce marketplace featuring professional portal communities, kicked off an advertising campaign in the online September issue of "Business 2.0" magazine.

The campaign highlights the company's 16 current vertical communities, and announces next week's launch of 84 additional B-to-B e-commerce communities.

Banners and buttons will appear on the front and feature pages of the online publication.

Spending was not disclosed.

"There is a business-to-business e-commerce revolution under way, and now it is time to invest in expanding BizProLink's brand awareness," said BizProLink advertising director Robert Sponder. "We were waiting for the perfect opportunity and this was it."

Depending on volume, BizProLink charges vendors between 3 percent and 7 percent of the total transaction dollar amount.

BizProLink's communities are positioned as the infomediaries and electronic hubs that occupy the space between buyers and sellers.

Channels include Agriculture, Art, Recreation, Building & Construction, Business & Finance, Healthcare, Lifestyle, Hospitality, Information Technology, Manufacturing & Industrial, Media & Telecommunications, Natural Resources, Non-Profit, Public Administration & Government, and Science and Transportation.