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24/7 Europe Launches Digital Channels Group

24/7 Europe launched a new division, called the Digital Channels Group, to offer multimedia advertising, sponsorships, direct marketing and e-commerce via broadband satellite and cable delivery to television and PCs.

The division will be dedicated to selling Europe Online's "Internet via the Sky" as a result of a global representation agreement with the broadband multimedia network.

24/7 Europe will offer graphically rich multimedia options targeted to TV as well as Internet mass-audiences, providing streamed video and audio messages.

The Internet via the Sky Network is a new medium created by Europe Online Networks S.A. of Luxembourg. It combines broadband Internet access with streaming video and audio, fast downloads and digital TV and radio programming, designed for millions of European TVs and PCs.

High-speed access is provided through direct connection to a broadband Internet platform via Astra satellite or cable systems.

Europe Online has rented capacity on five transponders on three satellites of the Astra system, which transmits TV and radio channels to over 27 million satellite dishes and 44 million broadband cable connections in Europe.

With satellite delivery, "the opportunities for businesses have been thrown wide open," said Gordon Simpson, CEO of 24/7 Europe.

"Applications that take over an hour and a half to download normally can be completed in just eight seconds through Internet via the Sky. Companies can show TV quality videos, virtual reality 3D show-reels and conduct business transactions, quickly, effectively and safely."

TV Internet access is available through existing Astra satellite dishes or cable connections by using PC Internet TV cards, netboxes or modified set-top boxes.

Participating ISPs are expected to roll out Internet via the Sky to consumers across Europe throughout the year.