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ASP Site Just Says No to Banners

Application service provider StoragePoint.Com, breaking with standard Internet practice, said it has eliminated banner advertising from its free virtual desktop service.

"This strategy fits a practical business model," said Scott Zimmerman, StoragePoint.Com chief executive officer. "It's better business to make our service work faster."

StoragePoint offers Internet users unlimited secure global access to their documents and critical data, using only a Web browser.

StoragePoint's Click-n-Go Office offers free WebDrive file management, e-mail and Personal Information Manager (PIM) software.

Zimmerman said the decision to eliminate banner ads grew out of the desire to gain thousands of dedicated users, many of whom will eventually upgrade to the premium service.

"People who begin with just a little StoragePoint are going to want a whole lot of StoragePoint," he said.

"In addition to being more user-friendly, the service is faster because we don't steal valuable bandwidth and screen space to pepper our users with ads," said Bob Chalfant, vice president of marketing at StoragePoint.