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Homepoint.Com Sponsors Y2K Tour Across America

Home furnishings site HomePoint.com launched what it calls The Bunker Bob 40-City Y2K Tour Across America in a furnished glass house on wheels furnished with products from the site.

The company said it established a special section on its Web site that describes the tour, tracks its progress and showcases the HomePoint.com furniture, wall art, lighting and accessories in the bunker.

Traveling in the $500,000 unit is Bunker Bob, a 26-year old native of Maine. While touring the country from Sept. 9 to Dec. 31, he will meet with local elected officials and chamber of commerce representatives to learn about U.S. cities, so than he can ultimately pick the final nesting place for his abode, the company said.

He will also assemble a national time capsule, accepting mementos and souvenirs from each place he visits.

"This event is a perfect fit for a fast-growing, innovative new company like ours," said Mike West, president and CEO of HomePoint.com.

"It seemed to me that some folks out there were taking this whole millennium thing too seriously," Bunker Bob said in a press release.

"That gave me the idea to put the Y2K issue in perspective. Thanks to HomePoint.com, I've got the best picture window on America. And by the end of the year, I'll know the ideal place for me and my bunker to settle down for the next century."