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RemarQ to Sell Keyword Links to Advertisers

Internet discussion service company RemarQ Communities Inc. has introduced a new marketing program that allows advertisers to purchase callouts or keywords within specific discussion communities.

RemarQ calls it the Midstream Marketing program. Callouts will appear as a familiar blue hyperlink at the bottom of a discussion thread, while keywords will appear as a hyperlink within a discussion thread.

Both advertising opportunities point users to information and e-commerce sites directly related to the topic being discussed.

Charter advertisers include AboveNet and eBay.

"Midstream Marketing is the first initiative of its kind that lets advertisers tap into vibrant, Internet discussions in such a targeted, non-intrusive way," said Bill Lee, CEO of RemarQ.

"It also makes it easy for consumers to either research or purchase products and services that have been mentioned in the discussion groups they value."

AboveNet links will appear within all Computer and Internet categories. eBay, the person-to-person online trading community, will appear in a variety of categories.

"AboveNet is intrigued at the prospect of being able to subtly insert itself into discussion communities frequented by people seeking co-location services," said Van Jepson, vice president of marketing for AboveNet.

"RemarQ's Midstream Marketing program lets us target specific communities and reach future AboveNet customers in a completely new way."

RemarQ said it will sell callouts or keyword links both as part of a comprehensive advertising package and as a stand-alone advertising buy.