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@dVenture Adds New Demographic Channels

The @dVenture Network, the Internet advertising network of VentureDirect Worldwide, said it has organized 18 new "tightly defined: demographic channels.

VentureDirect used third-party research to determine the types of sites people within each demographic are most likely to visit.

Sites within The @dVenture Network were then grouped into demographic channels based on these findings.

The channels include: African Americans, Audiophiles, Auto Shopper/Buyers, Online Shoppers, Gamblers, GenX, GenY, High Income, Hispanics, Kids, Personal Health, Men, MIS/IT Techies, Small Business Owners, Financiers, Corporate Decision Makers, Gamers and Women.

"Many advertisers buy based on demographics rather than content," said Richard Baumer, president of VentureDirect. "Our new demographic channels offer advertisers an effective way to reach the most eyeballs within their target demographic."

The @dVenture Demographic Channels join the existing Content Channels, Run of Network and Site Specific as buying options.

Content Channels include African American, Business, Education, Employment, Finance, Gaming, Health, Music, News, Personals, Shopping, Sports, Technology and Travel.

"Having a full range of targeting options helps Web publishers as well as advertisers," said Baumer. "Demographic targeting makes sites within our network a viable option for more advertisers, so they stand to increase their ad revenues. And it helps advertisers increase their ROI."

The @dVenture Network consists of more than 2,600 Web sites and claims 350 million impressions monthly.