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MapQuest.com Teams With AdAce

MapQuest.com Inc. established a partnership with Web ad network AdAce to provide local and regional advertising services aimed at small- and medium-sized businesses.

The new service allows small business advertisers to deliver targeted banners in two sections of the MapQuest.com Web site: 1) Travel Guide, which supplies information on hotels, dining, city information and weather, and 2) Point of Interest, which supplies information on local attractions, banks and ATMs, dining, education, lodging, recreation, transportation and personal amenities.

In addition, the advertiser will be able to use the Ad-O-Matic, an easy to use, fully automated banner creator. The technology enables businesses to create professional Web banners directly from their own browser. MapQuest.com will offer a free, self-service demonstration of the Ad-O-Matic on its site and give away one week's use with the purchase of an ad campaign.

MapQuest.com said the partnership will allow it to increase advertising revenues from the relatively untapped market of small business advertisers. Financial arrangements were not disclosed.

"Through our partnership with AdAce we can now extend our extensive local and regional advertising capabilities to the small-business market," said Mike Mulligan, chairman and CEO of Mapquest.com.

AdAce offers an automated system for small businesses that includes an integrated online banner creator, banner storage, campaign reporting, and various targeting options both online and off.