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Macromedia Flash Player Integrated into Neoplanet 5.0

NeoPlanet Inc. said it has integrated the Macromedia Flash Player into the NeoPlanet 5.0 Internet Desktop, allowing rich-media advertising.

The NeoPlanet Desktop app is a program that merges Web browsing, e-mail, instant messaging, chat and community into one desktop application.

The NeoPlanet 'InfoBox', a persistent advertising space built into the NeoPlanet Channel Bar, now supports Macromedia Flash movies, enabling advertisers to serve high-impact, rich-media ads to NeoPlanet's installed base of 2.3 million, the company said.

Private-label versions of the NeoPlanet Internet Desktop are currently distributed by Lycos, IBM, Packard Bell NEC, New Line Cinema, McAfee/Network Associates and Loral Space & Communications, among others.