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Mail.com Partners with AdAce

E-mail outsourcing company Mail.com Inc. established a partnership with AdAce, an online advertising network that provides targeted advertising for small businesses.

The partnership will provide companies that have limited advertising budgets the opportunity to advertise on Mail.com's network of client sites.

Advertisers placing ads through AdAce on Mail.com's network of sites, which includes CNN, Snap.com and CBS SportsLine, can now target Mail.com's more than eight million members.

Financial arrangements between the companies were not disclosed.

The AdAce Ad-O-Matic Banner Creator allows advertisers to create and upload banner ads and target those ads by audience type, territory, demographic group, etc.

Individual ad buys range in cost from $12 to $40 per thousand impressions and AdAce manages the billing and the customer service.

"Through our partnership with AdAce, we can offer this easy to use, online advertising service that allows advertisers on a limited budget the ability to target the end user, and gives small businesses the opportunity to reach important audiences across our network of over 60 top branded sites," said Courtney Nichols, Mail.com's vice president of advertising network sales.

Mail.com is an Internet messaging company serving all four market segments that provide e-mail services: direct to consumers, Web sites, ISPs and corporations. ISP and corporate partners include AT&T, EarthLink, GTE and Prodigy.