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ADSmart Network to Focus on 6 Affinity Groups

Internet advertising network ADSmart unveiled a new Web advertising strategy that focuses on six key affinity groups and representative sites within those groups.

With this new strategy, ADSmart said it will focus its attention on 45 sites providing a reach of 7.1 million unique viewers per month. Previously, the network consisted of 80 sites with 8.6 million unique viewers per month. In other words, about 35 Web sites failed to make the cut. There was no immediate word on any CPM rate changes.

ADSmart said its six target affinity groups will now be: Generation-X, College, Sports, Travel, Technology, and Finance/Investing.

"ADSmart's goal has always been to provide quality sites in those categories that are important to advertisers," said Neil Versen, ADSmart's vice president of sales and marketing. "This new focus enables us to recruit sites that will fit uniquely within a category and increase the overall strength of the network. It also enables our sales team to sell each category and site at an expert level."

"While some networks are concentrating on expanding their reach across the Internet, ADSmart is focusing on delivering an expanded reach in specific affinity categories," Versen said. He didn't mention DoubleClick by name, but the competitor has been doing just that. Versen added that ADSmart would be looking to add 8 to 12 new sites into the network in the near future.

Current sites that are part of the ADSmart network include: NHL.com, IUMA (Internet Underground Music Archive), GORP (Great Outdoors Recreation Pages), Golf.com, News Alert, Daily Stocks, and Price Watch.

The ADSmart Network is a majority-owned subsidiary of CMG Information Services which invests in and integrates advanced Internet, interactive media, and database management technologies. The CMG Internet Group is made up of six majority-owned subsidiary companies including: Planet Direct, NaviSite Internet Services, Engage Technologies, ADSmart, InfoMation, and The Password.