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Switchboard Ad Serving System Awarded Patent

Directory service Switchboard Inc., a subsidiary of Banyan Worldwide, said the company's patent application for key advertisement serving techniques has been allowed by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

The patent application relates to a system and method for controlling the frequency of ad serving in an Internet environment based upon a number of factors such as serve history and relevance to content.

"Securing patent recognition protects our intellectual capital for key technologies that provide the fundamental building blocks of our products and services, and is critical in maintaining our technology leadership role in the extremely competitive Internet market," said Dean Polnerow, president of Switchboard.

The invention is a result of research and development done by Switchboard to display directory content and advertising with minimal latency.

Switchboard's flagship site, CBS Switchboard.com, claims more than 50 million monthly visitors.

The site offers yellow and white pages, e-mail and Web site directories, and interactive maps and driving directions provided through Switchboard's popular travel destination site -- MapsOnUs.com.