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Engage Launches Profile Based Web-Wide Ad Network

Profile-driven Internet marketing solutions company Engage Technologies Inc. launched Engage AudienceNet, a Web-wide profile driven advertising and marketing network that uses anonymous, behavior-based profiles.

AudienceNet enables media buyers and advertisers to achieve more accurate ad targeting by allowing the purchase of online media based on the detailed profile of their target audience, the company said.

For example, if an advertiser is trying to reach outdoor sports enthusiasts, they can run a campaign on AudienceNet that will deliver their ads only to people with an interest in outdoor sports -- across the Web, regardless of the content they are currently viewing.

"Engage AudienceNet allows us to develop stronger relationships with agencies and advertisers," said Paul Schaut, president and CEO of Engage. "To help guide this initiative, we have recruited a team of industry veterans in media sales and media services."

By offering profile driven ads on general content areas, Engage AudienceNet better enables Web sites and networks to augment their existing sales of premium content with the sale of underutilized inventory at higher CPM rates, based on profile targeting.

With AudienceNet, the value of the inventory is based on the visitor, not on the content of the Web page, the company said. Current Engage AudienceNet participants include AdKnowledge, Adsmart, AdForce, Image Networks and Women's HealthNet and advertising agencies Bates USA, Bozell Worldwide, Carat Freeman, FCB Digital and Mullen.

At the heart of Engage AudienceNet is Engage Knowledge, the company's database of 35 million anonymous user profiles. Media buyers can specify a target audience based on demographics, geographics and over 800 interest categories.

"Imagine a world where you have the ability to so finely target your brand's message that it reaches only the audience you want--one to one, person to person--with zero waste," said G. Kelly O'Dea, president of FCB Worldwide.

"At last, one of the big promises of the Internet will be made possible by Engage. This is a real breakthrough."

Engage is a majority-owned operating company of CMGI Inc., which has been on a buying spree to acquire Internet advertising companies, including AdKnowledge and AdForce.