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Report: Large Firms Have the Edge in Personalization Race

A new industry report concludes that larger firms have an advantage over smaller firms when it comes to personal service to consumers via software applications.

Accelerating1to1, a spin-off of the Peppers and Rogers Group, released its debut report on advanced software that enables one-to-one relationships with customers and business partners.

"For the first time," said Bruce Kasanoff, founder of Accelerating1to1 and a longtime partner at Peppers and Rogers, "Large companies can deliver more personalized service than small firms can." "When you leverage customer opinions and preferences, more opinions are better. But this only works if firms harness the types of software we researched."

The 40-page report, entitled "Advanced Strategies for Differentiating Customers and Partners: Software That Enables 1to1 Relationships," will be available for free download at numerous sites across the Web.

The report studies the technologies and clients of five software firms -- E.piphany, Net Perceptions, Webridge, net.Genesis and Inference.

The report also includes an approach for quantifying return on investment of one to one initiatives. It's based on research that won the 1997 Nobel Prize for Economics, according to the company. Copies are available here.

Accelerating1to1 said it plans to launch an online marketplace that brings together customer-driven enterprises with the software and service providers that make one-to-one relationships possible.