RealTime IT News Signs with Adsmart

Ad-backed ISP signed with Adsmart, an online advertising network comprising more than 300 Web sites totaling 2.5 billion monthly impressions.

Adsmart will sell and negotiate advertising space for the SurfBar, a new interactive tool that allows users to surf the Web for free.

Available Dec. 1, the SurfBar is an ad display window that, when activated, sits on users' computer screens while they are online. members can choose to use the SurfBar and view targeted banner ads while they are online, which will reduce their monthly subscription fee.

A small "calculator" on the SurfBar will reflect the customer's savings in real time.

"We're pleased to be working with Adsmart as our marketing partner in this venture," said Adam Portnoy, CEO of "Adsmart is uniquely positioned within the ad rep market to not only serve the banner ads but also to provide the high level of targeting that advertisers will pay for."

The SurfBar will allow advertisers to target messages based on user demographics that will be collected on initial installation and via monthly requests to users.

The SurfBar is considered opt-in banner advertising since it is up to the individual to choose to use the SurfBar in order to reduce their monthly rate, the company said. is currently a "virtual ISP" that outsources 100 percent of its network through partnerships with PSINet Inc. and NaviNet Inc.