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Community Site The Globe Offers Database Targeting

The Globe, an online community that claims more than 1.2 million members, introduced "key-value targeting," an integrated database solution for advertisers.

The site said advertisers can now target their desired demographic audience by theme or functionality, and even more specifically, by age and gender with The Globe's re-designed site.

The redesign caters to consumers with theme-based cities that cover topics ranging from music and money to sports and romance while still receiving the core services of a virtual community, including mail, chat rooms and homepage builder functions.

Advertisers or partners are built into the relevant content areas of the site like Delta's Dream Vacations in Metro, The Globe's travel section, in addition to showcasing their travel deals in the marketplace.

Marketers can also buy sponsorships of functionalities like The Globe's Homepage Builder, which is currently sponsored by Microsoft's Front Page 98, the company said.

"Both off-line and on-line brands can now more efficiently reach the maximum number of users, through our innovative targeting capabilities," said Stephan Paternot, president of The Globe. "Key value targeting completely customizes the online advertising opportunities by piggybacking our significant database of user information on our current ad serving technology."