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iFreedom.com Offers Free Access with Closeable Ad Window

iFreedom.com launched its free Internet access service - backed by advertising but without the distraction of continuous advertising windows.

The service is available today in 1,700 U.S. cities, and will be available in 2,800 cities by month's end., the company said.

"iFreedom.com's model is more like regular TV, where the ads appear only a few times during an hour," said Harry Tahiliani, president and CEO. "Unlike our competitors, iFreedom.com's unique patent pending software does not require users to constantly view an ad banner window."

Aside from a brief registration profile, customers will not be asked to fill out marketing surveys or periodic questionnaires, the company said. The only information that iFreedom tracks is which advertising banners the users click. It said it does not monitor the users' surfing patterns for marketing purposes.

"Our network and infrastructure have been up and running for the last 12 months, and iFreedom is now ready to begin its controlled rollout," Tahiliani said.

"We are demonstrating that an ISP can deliver free, sponsor-driven Internet access while preserving the customer's ability to surf with maximum speed and minimal distraction."