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SOFTBANK Interactive Chairman Leaving

Only days after ZULU-Tek Inc. took control of SOFTBANK Interactive Marketing, Andrew Batkin, who served as chairman of the board of SOFTBANK Interactive, said he is leaving the company to create an interactive marketing solutions firm.

Batkin led El Segundo, CA-based SOFTBANK Interactive's growth from start-up.

"We salute Andy Batkin who was instrumental in building SOFTBANK Interactive Marketing into an industry leader in technology-based marketing solutions," said Ronald I. Meatchem, chairman of Rhode Island-based ZULU-tek. Meatchem will succeed Batkin as chairman of SOFTBANK Interactive Marketing.

"I'm pleased to have founded SOFTBANK Interactive Marketing, as well as to have helped build the global interactive advertising industry," said Batkin. "I'm looking forward to my next venture in the interactive world and developing new and innovative interactive marketing and e-commerce solutions."

SOFTBANK Interactive Marketing was formed in June 1996, when Batkin orchestrated the merger of Interactive Marketing LLC, Network 1.0 and the interactive sales division of Ziff-Davis Publishing, backed by an investment from SOFTBANK Holdings Inc.