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Cogit.com, Polk Ally to Provide E-Marketing Solutions

Real-time e-marketing services provider Cogit.com and R.L. Polk, a supplier of lifestyle and demographic data, established a partnership to provide e-marketing analysis and targeting solutions.

Cogit.com now has an exclusive license to use Polk's TotaList consumer database as part of its RealProfile and RealTarget Internet services, allowing marketers to create more effective promotional programs by combining demographic and lifestyle data with online interests and behaviorial data.

The relationship also provides Cogit.com with an instant sales channel to Polk's 2,000 clients. The two companies will jointly sell and market the solutions. Financial arrangements were not disclosed.

"Together we allow Web publishers and e-commerce companies to combine the richest consumer data available with proven, efficient analytics to revolutionize the way they manage their sites and marketing campaigns, leveraging the power of e-commerce and delivering customer satisfaction," said John V. Healy, senior vice president of direct marketing at Polk.

Using Polk's data, Cogit.com's clients have the opportunity to track a range of lifestyle/demographic attributes, such as age, income, gender, marital status and geography; family demographics such as number of people in a household, dwelling unit size, owner/renter, length of residence occupation, presence and age of children; and basic automotive data such as number of vehicles owned, age of newest car and type of car most recently purchased.

Polk's national household database contains information on more than 100 million households and 1,000 attributes. The data is compiled by The Polk Company from census data, auto registration information, and consumer interest information volunteered on warranty cards and in surveys.

Cogit.com clients include Consumer Broadcast Group, E2Enet, iGo Corp., Nexchange, STL Inc., ThirdAge Media, Tower Records, Women.com Networks and Zbuyer.com.

RealProfile costs range from $20,000 to $120,000 per year. RealTarget will be available Nov. 1. Costs for the RealTarget service range from $2.50 to $25 per thousand-user sessions, depending on the traffic volume.