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New Monthly Online Ad Report Launched

Internet advertising measurement and intelligent ad tracking firm AdRelevance Inc. launched a free monthly program called AdRelevance Intelligence Reports.

The reports "take advantage of current data collected by the company and provide insight into the rapidly changing landscape of online advertising," the company said.

The inaugural report, entitled "Web Advertising Goes Mainstream," examines recent online advertising activity among top brands including Amazon.com, eBay, MSN and VISA, offering a detailed look at activity by industry, company, impressions and creative.

The report, which is designed for customers, news media and industry watchers, is available on the AdRelevance Web site.

The report reveals that 61 of Advertising Age's Within the Web media industry, major portals including Netscape, Yahoo! and MSN represented 44 percent of advertising impressions, with 80 percent of their respective banner impressions occurring on their own properties.

Amazon.com and eBay dominated retail with 120 million impressions each, though it appears that Amazon.com paid twice as much on media buys for its banner campaigns, the report said.

VISA accounted for the lion's share of financial service ads online with more than 270 million banner impressions valued at nearly $6.5 million.

"Our current report dispels the latest buzz that many top companies are resisting the Internet as a viable advertising medium," said AdRelevance President and CEO Will Hodgman.

The AdRelevance Service tracks where, when, how and how much Web marketers and their competitors are advertising online. The company tracks competitive online advertising data for nine industries including automotive, consumer goods, financial services, hardware and electronics, retail, software, telecommunications, travel and Web media.