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Excite@Home Launches "TrueMatch" Advertising Program

Excite@Home launched the TrueMatch Charter Advertising Program, an online initiative that enables advertisers to deliver rich media advertisements that are precision-targeted to audience profiles.

The program is based on "Enliven with TrueMatch" technology from MatchLogic, a subsidiary of Excite@Home. The program will overlay contextual targeting with demographic profile targeting and then serve dynamically assembled rich media ads, the company said.

Excite@Home said the purpose of the TrueMatch Charter Advertising Program is to work with "Web advertising visionaries" to gauge the effectiveness of real-time, profile-based targeted ads created "on the fly."

"The TrueMatch Charter Advertising Program is the first digital marketing solution to integrate the best of targeting, profiling and rich media," said Charles Moldow, senior vice president and general manager of MatchLogic.

"Off-line and ordinary online advertising share the same limitation -- impressions are wasted on people who are not interested in a particular product or service. The program represents a giant step closer to the future of one-to-one marketing and the evolution of online advertising."

Advertisers in the program receive a variety of value-added services, including ad programming, testing and serving, a creative workshop by Excite@Home's production consulting team, precision reporting and target profiling analysis, and analysis of campaign performance against each targeting dimension.

Enliven Preferred Publishers, including game site pogo.com and TechWeb, will be among the first to carry the interactive rich media ads.

MatchLogic maintains a database of 72 million consumer profiles derived from anonymous click-stream data. They are identified by numeric codes stored in "cookies" and do not contain personally identifiable data.