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L90 Launches Viral Marketing Platform

Beyond-the-banner online advertising solutions firm L90 launched L90Link, a new customer acquisition-based marketing platform aimed at capitalizing on viral marketing.

L90Link is a tool designed to provide rapid customer adoption through word-of-mouth networks that expand both organically and exponentially, the company said.

The program drives customer acquisition through built-in hooks and promotional offers that provide a compelling reason for consumers to help spread the word to others about an advertiser's products and services.

L90Link offers several consumer benefits: incentives for becoming a registered user, free trial subscriptions, coupons and discounts on immediate product purchases.

Consumers who opt-in to receive an offer are given the opportunity to pass the information along to friends, neighbors, family and coworkers in return for additional rewards. In turn, those people then pass on the offer to others.

The cycle continues, spreading the advertiser's message to customers who are interested, based on a determination from the people who know them best.

Further personalizing the process, the L90Link solution can send e-mails to referred users describing an offer while noting the referring party through a personal message.

L90 designs, develops and implements beyond-the-banner advertising campaigns featuring turn-key, customized, and syndicated sponsorships, co-branded microsites, content integration, rich media and other marketing techniques.

Its adMonitor technology offers advertisers the ability to target ads to Web users based upon their specific interests and characteristics.