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New Online Ad Network Launches

Web3000.com, a provider of online advertising products, services and technologies, launched the Web3000 Ad Network.

"The Web3000 Ad Network allows our advertising clients to target the most sophisticated Internet consumer," said Gene Kavner, chief executive officer of Web3000.com.

"Users of Internet software products that are part of our ad network have generally been on the Internet for at least two years, are very familiar with the Internet and are not afraid to make purchase decisions."

Standard rate card run of network is 50 cents CPC (cost per click). The centerpiece of the Web3000 Ad Network is the company's "Browser Headline."

The patent-pending browser-embedded Browser Headline ads occupy a unique space within the user's browser. Instead of buying a handful of sites in hopes of reaching their target audience, advertisers can now buy the entire Web -- or a targeted portion thereof -- with a single media buy, the company said.

Whenever a network user is online, they receive Browser Headline ads, even on sites that don't accept advertising. In addition to serving ads to every site network users visit, Web3000 offers a unique site-sensing technology, TargetSite, which delivers specific ads to advertiser specified Web sites.

Web3000 also offers e-mail marketing. One early client-user is e-business marketing and technology company Mediaplex Inc.

"The Web3000 Browser Headline has proven to be very successful in driving qualified traffic to our client's sites," said senior account Manager Troh AhYo."

The core of the three million Web3000 Ad Network end users opted into the network when they downloaded Web3000.com's Internet acceleration product, NetSonic.