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Avenue A Offers Precision E-Mail Marketing Solution

Internet media and data marketing company Avenue A Inc. launched Precision E-mail, a complete service for planning and executing opt-in e-mail marketing campaigns targeted to reach specific consumer segments.

With this new offering, Avenue A said it can integrate response and profile data from Internet advertising and e-mail marketing campaigns to optimize the overall performance of online marketing programs.

Precision E-mail can be configured to automatically send a personalized message to an individual based on his/her current or historical online behavior.

Avenue A said it tracks recipient response all the way to the conversion and combines data from a variety of sources to optimize campaign performance, increase ROI and help clients meet customer acquisition and retention goals. Real-time campaign results are available to clients online to speed optimization.

"In order to ensure that e-mail marketing continues to be effective as it becomes ubiquitous, companies need data that enables them to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time," said Mike Galgon, senior vice president of marketing and business development for Avenue A.

"In the process of executing hundreds of campaigns for leading online marketers, Avenue A has developed data collection technology, data analysis expertise and a vast pool of behavioral data that enables us to deliver the best results for our clients across all digital media."