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Pre-Sold Ad/Content Packages Offered

24/7 Media Inc.is teaming up with syndicated content provider iSyndicate to offer a new model of sponsored syndicated content.

The companies will pay Web sites to carry content packages focused on topical events throughout the year, such as the Super Bowl or Valentine's Day. The packages will come with pre-sold advertising.

This agreement allows Web sites to get paid to offer content to visitors, and will afford content providers a wider distribution, the companies said. Financial arrangements between the companies were not disclosed.

iSyndicate will provide the content in the packages and will offer the content packages to its network of more than 130,000 sites. The company aggregates content from more than 500 providers, including RollingStone.com, United Media, Billboard and Entrepreneur Media.

24/7 Media will leverage its online advertising networks including the 24/7 Network and the Content Zone to distribute the packages. 24/7 Media will employ its sales force to match advertisers with appropriate content aimed at their individual marketing needs.

As the content packages will be topic and event-driven, advertisers will have the opportunity to target demographics related to specific content.

"iSyndicate and 24/7 Media are introducing an entirely new syndication model that will help advertisers target demographics, help content providers build their brands and give Web sites compelling content to keep visitors coming back," said Joel Maske, president and chief executive officer of iSyndicate.