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Oxygen Media Launches National Advertising Campaign

Oxygen Media has launched a national advertising campaign that includes spot broadcast television, billboards, bus shelters, Internet banner ads and a Super Bowl buy.

The campaign, created by Mullen Advertising, features tongue-in-cheek headlines such as, "First on the Lifeboats," "No Back Hair," "Baby's First Word: Mama" and "Multi-tasking" followed by the tagline: "Another Great Reason to be a Woman."

Oxygen is asking women to submit their own "great reasons" to oxygen.com to include in future ads.

Oxygen Media also said it will run an ad during the Super Bowl on January 30. Spending for the campaign was not disclosed.

The campaign launches across the country in six top 10 markets as well as other major cities.

The TV ads will appear on various broadcast channels in seven cities -- New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Atlanta and Philadelphia -- and on Oprah. Out-of-home ads (billboards, walls, bus shelters) will appear in the same cities (except Philadelphia) as the television ads, as well as Seattle.

Online banner ads have already begun appearing on a variety of sites, including InfoSeek/Go, Lycos, family.com, salon.com, Essence, MP3 and @home.

"The Mullen team has been involved in creating the public face of Oxygen since the beginning," said Gerry Laybourne, chairman and chief executive officer of Oxygen Media. "They have a powerful understanding of the overall goal of Oxygen -- to 'superserve' women using the best aspects of television and the Internet -- and they understand we are trying to create a partnership with women."

"Rather than tell women what Oxygen does and why it's good for them, we're telling women what Oxygen believes in and inviting them to join us, help shape those beliefs and become co-creators in the process," said Edward Boches, executive creative director of Mullen Advertising.

Mullen is a $310 million, full-service agency with clients that include L.L. Bean, General Motors, Monster.com, cozone.com, Nextel Communications, Swiss Army Brands, The Stanley Works, Money Magazine, NorthernLight.com, hifi.com, Dexter Shoe Co. and Agfa-Gevaert.

Oxygen Media consists of a network of Web sites and a 24-hour cable network, programmed by Carsey, Werner and Mandabach, that will launch next year.