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National Campaign Begins for Venturelist.com

Venturelist.com, whose tagline is "Where Venture Meets Capital" and a collaboration between M&A West Inc. and Digital Bridge Inc., launched a national advertising campaign.

The site is advertising through the Flycast Network, and is scheduled to launch a national print ad campaign on Nov. 15.

Spending and agency details were not disclosed.

Venturelist.com features a searchable database of entrepreneurs looking for seed level investment funding. Each entrepreneur is required to post an executive summary of their business plan and a detailed statement of the amount of capital needed and the proposed uses for that capital.

The site is currently free of charge. Starting Nov. 15, Venturelist.com will begin collecting posting fees from entrepreneurs and start-up companies seeking outside investments.

The site will continue to act as an information source only, accepting no brokering fees or commissions.

M&A West is a holding company and an investor in Internet and technology-related companies. Digital Bridge is an e-business development company.