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Internet Ads--Coming Soon to a Mall Near You

AIM Smart Corp. reported it's planning a nationwide roll-out of its interactive advertising kiosk solutions within The Rouse Co.'s shopping malls.

The move accelerates a previously planned 12-month test and evaluation period at five targeted malls, and covers the majority of malls in the Rouse system.

In February, AIM Smart installed its interactive advertising kiosk solution in two Rouse showcase malls: Santa Monica Place in California and the Mall in Columbia in Maryland.

"On a go-forward basis the Rouse roll-out schedule is one mall per week until the Rouse network is fully installed," said Robert Van Duren, AIM Smart president.

"Rouse recognizes that national advertisers and retailers want to use a national mall/Internet network to increase sales by micro-targeting advertisements, coupons, product tests and new product roll-outs.

"We now have commitments for installation of AIM Smart's Interactive Advertising network from approximately half of the nation's 600 largest malls."

The AIM Smart network generates four revenue streams:

  • Mall-based interactive, micro-targetable, advertising.
  • Internet-based advertising delivered by free Internet access, under the brand name of the mall.
  • Electronic commerce transaction fees, from Internet members who cybershop at mall retail stores.
  • Market research on local, regional, and national levels.

The in-mall communications vehicle is a set of pavilions with video and interactive, touch-screen displays (which also supports free Internet access at home or the office).

Mall shoppers get up-to-the-minute information regarding product/store/promotion/location information specific to their interests. At the same time, advertising messages (from local retailers all the way up to national advertisers) are streamed to the displays around the shopper.

By Spring 1998, Goodrich, MI-based AIM Smart said it expects to have firm contractual roll-out agreements with two-thirds of the nation's largest 600 malls, which will form a national network of mall-based, Internet-connected advertising channels.