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carOrder.com Pays NYC Commuters' Fares

More than 100,000 commuters were treated to free fares one day earlier this week by carOrder.com in what it called a "random act of kindness" campaign.

The company paid commuters' car tolls, bus and subway fares and ferry costs to increase awareness of its "Happy Car Buying."

The carOrder.com team greeted commuters at Lincoln Tunnel, Holland Tunnel, Grand Central Station and the Staten Island ferry.

Subway and bus riders received $3 metrocards and a complimentary newspaper and motorists reached toll booths to learn that carOrder.com had previously paid their fare.

"Over the coming months, we will have similar events in other cities, such as Los Angeles," said Brian Stafford, president and co-founder of carOrder.com.

carOrder.com said its eDealer business model has "broken the online car buying mold" with plans to purchase a network of 100 dealer franchises throughout the United States and transform them into the distribution and logistics centers for Internet car sales.

carOrder.com estimates that its eDealer model will reduce the cost per car by $2,000 to $4,000 as compared to the traditional model.