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IMGIS Initiates TRUSTe Program for Advertisers

IMGIS Inc., a provider of centralized Internet advertising management technology, announced it initiated and co-authored an Advertising Affiliate Program with TRUSTe to promote consumer privacy protection as it relates to ad serving.

Cupertino, CA-based IMGIS also became a contributing sponsor of TRUSTe and will appoint a representative to the TRUSTe Advisory Board.

As a TRUSTe member, IMGIS said it supports and upholds TRUSTe's objectives of building users' trust and confidence in the Internet through disclosure and informed consent and of addressing privacy issues from the perspective of industry self-regulation.

"We were definitely excited when IMGIS approached us with the idea for the affiliate program," said Susan Scott, executive director of TRUSTe. "In fact, we have plans to use this Advertising Affiliate Program as a template for future TRUSTe vendor programs to promote self-regulation for consumer privacy protection."

Through the Advertising Affiliate Program, IMGIS AdForce-enabled Web sites that agree to comply with TRUSTe's privacy principles for advertising will be offered an Affiliate membership paid for by IMGIS.

Affiliate members will display the TRUSTe Advertising Affiliate Trustmark and agree to be audited, according to TRUSTe guidelines, by a third-party auditing firm to verify that each site abides by the principles described in the affiliate member's privacy statement.

"As technology develops to deliver on the promise of one-to-one marketing on the Internet, the online advertising industry as a whole must proactively protect consumer privacy," said Chuck Berger, chairman and CEO of IMGIS. "We initiated the idea for this program to promote end-to-end self-regulation for the online advertising industry."

IMGIS's privacy statement lets users know that IMGIS does not store personally identifiable information about visitors and will never share any user's information without his or her permission.

In addition, users can deactivate the use of their information for purposes of ad serving across Web sites enabled by AdForce technology simply by accessing the IMGIS Web site and making such a request.