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Sticky Animated Ads Debut

Information technololgy firm United Sites of America Inc. recently announced a product called "Shoshkeles," -- animated ads that, unlike static banners on top of Web sites, Shoshkeles move around and stay around even when the page is scrolled up.

The company was set up in September by the U.S. International High Tech Trust with investors from the United States, Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela and Uruguay.

United Sites, which also has offices in Israel, is contacting advertising agencies in Argentina, where it plans to launch the product.

The ad system is not only highly visible but inexpensive, easy to produce and takes up very little memory so it won't slow down a Web page, Ber said. It can be seen from any browser and is compatible with both IBM and Mac platforms. No special boards or software are required.

The company's Webmaster, named Lucas, is only 16 years old.

Argentine Internet consultant Prince & Cooke sees Internet ad spending in Latin America at a paltry $51 million this year but skyrocketing to $1.6 billion by 2004. United Sites plans to sell licenses to ad agencies and then bill per online second -- similar to what happens with TV advertising, in which ad rates are tied to viewership.

But unlike TV ads, Shoshskeles are "smart," the firm says -- they can identify a user and not repeat an ad to a viewer who has just seen it and can adjust to his or her language. They could also be used for other ends such as online language classes, since they has the ability to recognize users and come up with the right lesson every time. "Shoshkeles have endless abilities," United Sites chief of staff Ivan Entel said.