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Indulge.com Launches with Multi-Million Dollar Campaign

Online specialty store Indulge.com launched its site along with a multi-million dollar national advertising campaign.

Indulge markets prestige beauty products, style accessories, jewelry and a signature "Made to Indulge" collection, as well as customized "Ultimate Indulge Experience Packages."

The brand positioning will be communicated through an advertising campaign created by AG Worldwide.

"My hope is that women like me relate and respond to the emotional context of the campaign," said Cathy Taylor, co-founder of Indulge.com. "The visual images were created to encourage people to start thinking of online shopping as an experience of discovery and fulfillment."

On Nov. 28, five million 12-page magazine folios will be inserted into the full circulation runs of The New York Times Magazine, Los Angeles Times Magazine, San Francisco Examiner Magazine and Chicago Tribune Magazine.

The 11x12 magazine folios will also be used as a direct mail piece in key cities.

"It's not often that we get a chance to position a strong campaign around such a compelling name," said Peter Arnell, chairman and executive creative director of AG Worldwide and an Indulge equity partner.

"The tag name -- indulge -- gives us the excellent opportunity to explore all the incredible connotations that comes along with it."

AG Worldwide is a full-service branding, marketing and advertising company with clients that have included Samsung Electronics America, Samsung Telecommunications America, Samsung Global Image Advertising, Tommy Hilfiger, Hanes Hosiery, Movado, Ray Ban, Chanel, Banana Republic/The Gap, Marui Department Stores, Japan and Progressive Insurance.