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Sandpiper to Deliver Products for AdForce

Content delivery solutions company Sandpiper Networks Inc. signed an agreement with outsourced ad management firm AdForce Inc. to deliver AdForce's ad serving products through Sandpiper's Footprint Content Delivery Network (CDN).

The Footprint service speeds Web site performance up to 10 times by distributing content from a worldwide network of servers, putting Web content closer to the consumer and shortening the delivery path. The companies said the combined services will allow online ads to be delivered to targeted consumers faster and more efficiently.

Financial arrangements between the companies were not disclosed.

"Footprint provides a complementary infrastructure to support AdForce's rapid ad delivery service," said Leo Spiegel, president and chief executive officer of Sandpiper Networks. "Sandpiper and AdForce understand online advertisements must be delivered instantly and reliably to their target audience to be effective."

"The synergy between the two companies is natural. We provide the advertising management, while Sandpiper's Footprint Network increases the delivery speed of the ads," said Chuck Berger, President and CEO of AdForce.

The Footprint network will have more than 1200 servers worldwide by year-end, SandPiper said. Sandpiper has deployed Footprint servers in more than 20 networks worldwide, including America Online, Concentric Networks, UUnet, GTE BBN, Sprint, Cable and Wireless, PSINet, Frontier/Globalcenter and TCG/Cerfnet.