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DealPilot.com Launches Online Marketing Campaign

Online price comparison service DealPilot.com a new online marketing campaign to promote its newest price comparison software, DealPilot Express.

Interactive advertising agency IN2 created and developed the campaign, which officially kicked off Nov. 19.

The multi-million dollar campaign is being conducted exclusively online. The first highlight of the effort will be a "Shop Smarter" giveaway promotion in which consumers download DealPilot Express to their desktops and register to get their first best deal -- a free CD with music, software and games from MP3.com.

Banner advertising, e-mails, newsletters, and other online efforts are planned.

"We've framed this campaign around DealPilot Express, which we feel is the most cutting-edge technology available for desktop-based price comparisons this holiday season," said Elisabeth Schick, president and CEO of DealPilot.com.

DealPilot.com, a Bertelsmann majority-owned company, launched DealPilot Express last week. Unlike other price comparison shopping services, DealPilot Express sits on the desktop and senses when a shopper is about to make a purchase.

It then immediately searches the Web in real time for the best offers on books, CDs and movies, with price offers including shipping and tax. IN2 is currently lead agency online for iVillage, CVS, Furniture.com, StarMedia, CMP Media and MBNA America.