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Study: Web Blurring Line Between Marketing, Sales

Market research firm ActivMedia Inc. reported online advertising is creating a faster, more focused, and dynamic method to reach customers who have personally selected their area of interest, further blurring the line between marketing and sales.

"Data from [our] FutureScapes study of online activity clearly shows the selling cycle is shrinking and businesses are reaping the profits," said ActivMedia's Vice President of Market Research Harold Wolhandler.

"Unlike a TV commercial where a canned impression is delivered to the masses who may or may not be looking to buy when the ad appears, online ads are placed in front of a potential customers who are searching for information on a particular product."

According to Wolhandler, "businesses, regardless if it's B-to-B or B-to-C, that make the Research-and-Buy process at their Web site easy, will profit significantly as more purchasers flood online."

Some results from the company's study on "Influence of the 'Net on Purchasing Decisions and Processes, Across All Age Groups" are as follows:


  • Check Competing Prices--91%
  • Research products/services carefully--89%
  • Buy from anywhere no matter location--67%
  • Order immediately at Web site--58%

ActivMedia's "FutureScapes Study: Refining 'Net Strategies for the 21st Century" surveyed over 6,000 online users concerning impact of Net technologies on their work and personal lives and how they hope to use such technologies in the future.