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Classifieds2000 Launches New Job Ad Services

Classifieds2000 Inc. launched several new services in its Employment Channel, including a Featured Employer Program and a new user service, Resume Central.

The Featured Employer Program offers employers Web-wide brand awareness and distribution for their job listings through the Classifieds2000 Network, automatically distributing unlimited job listings from participating companies to Classifieds2000.com and to more than 100 other high-traffic and specialty partner Web sites.

Using technology from Junglee Corp., Classifieds2000 collects and integrates employment listings directly from an employer's corporate Web site.

Charter employers for the service include Amdahl Corp., AT&T Corp., Cisco Systems Inc., CNET, Hewlett-Packard Co., International Data Group (IDG), Millennia III, Stanford University, and WebTV Networks Inc.

Resume Central allows job seekers to enter their resumes into the Classifieds2000 database and use it to respond to job openings electronically, at no charge. In the coming months, employers will have the ability to search Resume Central for qualified job Candidates, the company said.

The Cool Notify service will be a value-added option for employers, automatically notifying them by e-mail when a job candidate meeting their criteria posts a resume to Resume Central.