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Errant E-Mail With Salary Data Churns Agency.com

Agency.com reportedly is facing a "compensation scandal" this week after an employee inadvertently sent a "large percentage" of the company's New York staff a spreadsheet containing employee compensation, and in some cases, compensation history.

Apparently vice presidents' salaries range from $105,000 to $177,500, and creative directors ranging from $65,000 to $123,000, according to the Silicon Alley Reporter newsletter.

Co-founders Kyle Shannon and Chan Suh reportedly addressed the problem quickly by sending an e-mail to the staff asking employees to delete the file and requesting that employees with concerns discuss them directly with the co-founders or with their managers personally.

SAR said that according to sources, the file was sent to inform employees of their vacation days, but also contained the sensitive information.

"It was an accident, and it was certainly not intentional," one employee who has been with the firm for over a year was quoted as saying. "It was a bizarre thing -- it was like a dream."

The complete payroll for the 251 salaried positions listed in the spreadsheet was nearly $18.2 million with an average salary of $72,360, according to SAR.

The listed compensations for Agency.com's CEO, CFO, and Chief Creative Officer reconcile with those included in the company's S-1 filing. Suh makes $155,000, Shannon (CCO) $150,000, and CFO Kenneth Trush earns $150,000.