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Media Metrix to Report on Offline Ad-Supported Apps

Media Metrix launched its "Digital Media Report," calling it the first ever reporting of actual usage of offline ad-supported digital applications, such as PointCast, Juno, and ad-supported CD-ROMs.

This third-party report on offline applications provides ad buyers more insight on actual usage and gives these digital media the opportunity to position themselves relative to other ad-supported new media, the company said.

The Digital Media Report data are collected via the Media Metrix-patented PC Meter software, enabling measurement of the entire digital universe. The report will provide comparable audience measurement data for offline applications, the Web, and commercial online services in the same format Media Metrix currently provides to clients and the industry.

The "Digital Media Report" is based on the Media Metrix At Home Sample and will be published monthly.

"With the 'Digital Media Report,' Media Metrix completes its commitment to report on the entire digital space and fulfills the industry's need for accurate, reliable and comparable audience measurement data," said Mary Ann Packo, president of Media Metrix.

"The 'Digital Media Report' offers our clients additional insight into the new media competitive environment, and can be used as a reliable decision-making tool."

At the core of Media Metrix is the proprietary, patented PC Meter, a software technology developed to perform broadly the same functions as a television "people meter," but which takes advantage of the computing environment for added intelligence.

The PC Meter software, which is installed on computers in thousands of households and businesses, captures actual real-time Web and online usage data. The PC Meter records detailed demographic information and "follows" PC users click by click, page by page, tracking and measuring new media and digital usage patterns.

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