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LifeMinders.com Renews Ad Deals with PETsMART.com, InsWeb

LifeMinders.com, the firm that sends advertiser-sponsored e-mail reminders, Tuesday announced it had signed new ad deals with PETsMART.com and InsWeb worth $3.5 million.

PETsMART.com sells pet food and supplies online, while InsWeb provides information about insurance.

The company sends over 15 million personalized messages each week to its nearly six million users. Customers sign up at the LifeMinders.com Web site to receive e-mail reminders in a variety of categories including family, entertainment, home, personal events, pets, auto, personal finance, health and fitness, travel and shopping. Advertisers' messages are embedded into these e-mails.

"Our advertising partners clearly recognize the value of our content to our members," said Stephen R. Chapin, Jr., president and CEO of LifeMinders.com. "As we continue to build a loyal member base, we're able to provide our advertising partners with a uniquely effective product over the long term."