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Zap.com Taps DoubleClick for Ad Serving

Zap.com, the owner of the Word and Charged Web sites, has chosen DoubleClick to serve ads across its network.

The announcement, made late Monday, comes on the heels of the launch of Zap.com, the company's first real move on the Internet since acquiring Word and Charged. The company made headlines last year when it entered into agreements to acquire dozens of sites, announced it would build the "roach motel" of the Internet and even tried unsuccessfully to acquire Excite. After canceling plans to buy the sites, then holding back on new initiatives for months, the launch of Zap.com and the hiring of DoubleClick (DCLK) may signal that the company is really in the business after all.

"As we move quickly to build and deploy the Zap Network, we are putting into place a group of top notch Internet technology companies to ensure a successful implementation," said Avram Glazer, president of Zap.com.

"DoubleClick is the leader in online advertising solutions and we believe that its technology will position us well to pursue our goal of becoming one among of the top sites on the Web."

Glazer says he intends to build the Zap Network into a leading advertising and e-commerce platform. The company, a spin-off of the Zapata Corp., went public earlier this month and its stock is now trading over the counter.