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Freei.Net Offers Flash Advertising Opportunity

Freei.Net, one of the many free ISPs to spring up this year, Tuesday said it would let advertisers buy Flash animated commercials, which would appear when any of the service's 1.25 million users log onto the Internet.

"The intromercial is excellent 'real estate' on Freei.Net, and we're excited to be the only free ISP to offer this service," said Bob McCausland, president and chief executive officer of Freei.Net.

"The audience of free Internet users is growing rapidly. Freei.Net is prepared to help advertisers use the technology to reap the benefits."

The introduction of this new ad format at Freei.Net comes at a time when ISPs in general, and free ISPs in particular, are looking for new ways to bring in advertising revenue.

Earlier this week, the UK's biggest free ISP, Freeserve, announced it would use iWeb's iNotes advertising and messaging format.

Freei.Net says it will produce the ads which can feature both audio and video in house. The company will sell the Flash commercials by themselves, or as packages with regular banner ads. All Freei.Net customers have browsers that are Flash-enabled, so no plug-ins are needed.