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Start-Up Suggests Saving Ads For Later

Start-up technology firm ClicVU on Tuesday announced a service that lets Internet users file away banner ads they're interested in, so they can click on them later.

"The Internet is the only medium that causes users to choose between advertising and the content that surrounds it," says ClicVU co-founder, Michael Cassara.

"We've solved this problem in with an elegant solution that provides users with the ability to quickly and easily store and recall an advertisement. It's the digital equivalent to tearing an item of interest from a magazine for future reference."

The service works by allowing a user to click on ads that are "ClickVU-enabled" and store them in their personal ClickVU account. The company hopes to make money by licensing the enabling technology to Internet publishers and advertisers.

While it's true that publishers are torn between the dual tasks of holding readers' interest and yet also getting them to click-through to advertisers' sites, it's not clear whether a solution like ClickVU is the answer to that dilemma.

The company's entire premise rests on the notion that consumers want to set aside ads and click through to them later, and it's not yet clear whether people really want that option.