RealTime IT News and NTN Team for Interactive Football Game and NTN Communications struck a deal to create a co-branded version of QB1, a game in which players watching a match-up on television compete with each other to call offensive plays before the ball is snapped.

The deal calls for BUZZTIME the NTN division that deals with QB1 and to develop special advertising and promotions for the Web site and for NTN's network of sports bars and restaurants, where people play the game on special interactive boxes.

Advertising on the Internet version of QB1 will consist of sponsorship, banner ads and interactive ads on players' computer screens that would correspond with what was appearing on television.

The co-branded QB1 interactive game will allow players at home to play along over the Internet on their home computers while watching the live Fox NFL broadcast on television.

The offering might be an example of what converged entertainment might look like. Many industry-watchers expect television to become more interactive and the Web to become more video-centric.

"The QB1 game delivers football fans a unique and fun way to feel like they're a part of the game action," says Danny Greenberg, vice president of

" is the leader in integrating on-air and online elements and this product enables us to further enhance the experience of watching a football game."