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Disney's Go Network Launches Affiliate Program

Disney's Go Network -- which encompasses ABCNEWS.com, Disney.com, ESPN.com, and Mr. Showbiz, along with the Go.com portal site on Wednesday started-up an affiliate program through Linkshare aimed at drawing traffic to its sites.

The program allows affiliates to add content and features from the network, including search, weather forecasts, stock quotes, or movie times, to their sites.

Go Network is working to raise its profile in an environment in which the portal leaders Yahoo!, MSN.com and AOL.com are standing strong as the less-established players try to gain an edge.

Go Network affiliates will receive a fee of $.015 per click, but the company is offering sites a rate of $.03 a click for the first month of the program, in an effort to sign up affiliates.

"For affiliates, this program will direct their visitors to the highest quality branded content, and information on the Web," says Kevin Mayer, executive vice president and general manager of Go Network.

"Conversely, this affords Go Network the opportunity to access more consumers and provide them with the benefits of a one-stop Internet experience."