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Angeltips.com Drops Super Bowl Advertising

Angeltips.com, a site that aims to match investors with entrepreneurs, says it's re-thinking its advertising strategy, dropping its planned Super Bowl buy in favor of running more ads on ABC over the coming year.

"Since we first began negotiations with ABC to advertise in the SuperBowl, our business has advanced in a number of positive directions which would now be best highlighted in a series of ads, instead of one big push during the SuperBowl," says Steve Fu, founder and CEO of Angeltips.com.

"Our decision was made after much deliberation about what would be in the best interests of our alliance partners and customers."

The Angeltips.com web site is currently in beta, and is set to launch in the first quarter of next year. The company competes with the much more well-known Garage.com, the smaller TheElevator.com, and MeVC, a new venture being hatched by VC Tim Draper.

Like these companies, Angeltips.com wants to utilize the Internet to change the traditional capital raising process, acting as middleman between investors and entrepreneurs.