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OurHouse.com Debuts Campaign on Citrus Bowl

Home improvement site OurHouse.com on Thursday laid out its plans for a national television campaign, to debut on ABC's broadcast of the Florida Citrus Bowl on New Year's Day.

The spots, in a campaign themed "We're Here to Help", feature home improvement projects gone awry, and send the message that OurHouse.com can help get do-it-yourselfers out of tight spots.

The first new commercial, titled "Our Dad", shows a man boasting to his neighbor about the swing set, French doors and dog house that he built over the weekend. The spot later reveals that the projects look nothing like the intended outcome.

"The Deck" follows a newlywed couple as they take on two home improvement projects, building a deck and gazebo. Unfortunately, the husband fails to follow the directions, gets his measurements backwards. In the end, each project appears to be successfully constructed, but neither is more than two feet high.

Black Rocket, known for creating ads for Yahoo and Discovery Brokerage, is producing the campaign, which will include national print, radio and online advertising, in addition to television.

Founded in June 1999 and partnered with Ace Hardware, OurHouse.com provides home improvement products, services, and how-to information. Its competitors include Hardware.com and HomeTownStores.com. Home Depot and iRenovate.com are expected to launch e-commerce sites next year.