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ValueVision, NBCi Take Roxy.com Stake, Strike Media Deal

TV home shopping channel ValueVision and NBCi, NBC's Internet spin-off, on Tuesday struck a cross-media deal worth $20 million with online electronics retailer Roxy.com.

ValueVision and NBCi back in September formed an alliance which calls for ValueVision to be renamed SnapTV and to closely work with NBCi's Snap.com portal. At the time, the two companies swapped stock, so each has an ownership interest in the other. Since then, the two entities have worked together to partner with and market e-commerce sites, leveraging both their online and television assets in the deals.

This deal with Roxy.com, however, interlocks the companies involved in an unprecedented way. Not only will NBCi and ValueVision take an equity stake in Roxy.com and promote it on TV, on the Internet, and in marketing campaigns, but Roxy.com and ValueVision will team to produce and broadcast a one-hour weekly television show focusing on consumer electronics.

The show will feature information and expert help about consumer electronics, and there will be plenty of selling going on, too.

The deal reveals a little about NBCi and ValueVision's idea of how they can work together to create a Snap brand that is more than a traditional portal, using both online and offline media.

"As pure-play Internet companies seek alternative sales and distribution channels to bolster their success, this deal represents another example of how ValueVision is leveraging its strategy of TV/Internet convergence," says Stuart Goldfarb, vice chairman of ValueVision.

"Utilizing TV as a brand building and transactional medium as opposed to just an advertising venue, ValueVision will continue to partner with entertainment and content partners like Roxy.com, and together provide a unique and entertaining shopping experience for its viewers."