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SelfCare.com, Women.com Forge $21 Million Partnership

SelfCare.com, a traditional health products company that has recently migrated online, Thursday signed a three-year, $21 million deal with Women.com Networks that involves advertising, marketing, co-developed content, joint-membership programs, commerce, and research.

The deal calls for SelfCare.com to pay Women.com $21 million over three years, and in return it will receive a variety of things, including exclusive placement in the health and vitamin/mineral/supplement departments of Women.com's shopping area and as featured partner status on other shopping areas of the network. SelfCare.com will also receive contextual commerce placement throughout the health channel and other relevant areas of the network.

As part of the agreement, SelfCare.com will get targeted ad placements and anchor sponsorships in the health, fitness, family, pregnancy and other channels, as well as in relevant magazine rotations on the network, such as Prevention, Country Living's Healthy Living and Good Housekeeping.

The two companies have also agreed to partner in developing health-focused areas that will appear on both sites, which will include Women.com content and SelfCare product oferings. Women will also conduct proprietary research for SelfCare.com, presumably involving surveys of its membership.

Additionally, the deal calls for the two companies to create co-branded membership programs, which would include newsletters, offers, and promotions to members of both firms. SelfCare.com and Women.com would also team for online and offline events aimed at building community.

"We chose to partner with Women.com because they are the clear leader in the online women's space and home to nearly five million unique visitors each month," said Larry Bodner, SelfCare's president and chief operating officer.

"The partnership capitalizes on the strong synergies between Women.com and SelfCare.com, both of which are committed to providing women online with the very best resources for their continued health and well-being."