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MyPoints.com Lands About.com as Partner

Loyalty and direct marketing player MyPoints.com this week partnered with About.com to build a co-branded rewards program, which lets members earn points by using the About.com network.

The alliance, the financial details of which were not disclosed, is aimed at building membership, site traffic and time spent within the About.com network.

Users will be rewarded for subscribing to newsletters, creating homepages, joining affiliate marketing programs and establishing e-mail accounts.

They'll also earn points for reading e-mail marketing messages from MyPoints.com. MyPoints.com points can be exchanged for merchandise at retailers that partner with the company.

About.com hopes that, by integrating the MyPoints.com loyalty features into the About.com sites, people will spend more time on the network.

"Our users are already committed to repeat usage of their favorite sites in our vast network," said Scott Kurnit, chairman and chief executive officer of About.com.

"Points will assist us in refining the movement of traffic around the network to where we can provide new value for customers and to also drive those customers to the places that provide high monetization and viral marketing."