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AOL MovieFone Grabs Exclusive to Sell IMAX Tickets

AOL MovieFone, which provides movie information and sells tickets online and over the phone, Wednesday inked an exclusive ticketing deal with Imax Corp., which gives it the right to market seats at the company's six North American theaters.

Under the terms of the deal, AOL MovieFone can sell tickets, both on the phone and online, to Imax-owned theaters in New York, Miami, Sacramento, Tempe, Vancouver, and Calgary.

The deal calls for users of AOL properties to get easy access to information and tickets for Imax movies, and the company is being assigned keyword "Imax" on the AOL proprietary service.

This deal expands the relationship between the two companies, which began last December when AOL became the exclusive title sponsor to Galapagos, an Imax film about an eight-week expedition to the islands and surrounding waters. The sponsorship includes education-targeted programming and broadband content on AOL at AOL keyword "Galapagos".

The six theaters covered by the agreement join six other Imax theaters operated by Loews Cineplex Entertainment, Edwards Cinemas, and United Artists Theatres in New York, Los Angeles, Denver, San Francisco, Chicago, and Boston, for which AOL MovieFone and Moviefone.com already offer information and advance ticketing.